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To ensure availability Bookings require a $25 non-refundable deposit. Last-minute cancellations, nonconfirmed appointments, rescheduling, or consistent tardiness may result in a deposit loss or discontinuation of further bookings. Hair must be washed, blow-dried, de-tangled, and free of any oils or hair product. No children or extra people. Times are approximate so you may get done sooner or later than the listed time. Don't forget to 👍 our FB page!

Deposit & Cancellations

Damaged Hair

The stylist reserves the right to refuse services at any time. 

If your stylist thinks your hair is too compromised to receive a service, you may have to wait until your hair is in better condition for the service. Prior to your service, your stylist may have you sign a waiver if they think your hair will not be to your liking due to length or damage from the requested service.

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